AMD RX 590 Already Being Reviewed, Leaked By YouTuber

It seems that AMD RX 590 reviews samples have already been sent out. We heard about the AMD RX 590 and we got a couple of leaks and now we have spotted the graphics card in the background of a tech YouTuber.

TinyTomLogan from OC3D TV accidentally leaked the box. It was in the background in a recent video that he posted. We have already seen the box and know that the graphics card exists. This new leak means that reviewers already have the card and that we might get reviews soon. If that is indeed the case then the expected 15 November release date seems more than likely.

From what we can see, the box seems to be sitting there for a while. This could mean that the YouTuber has been busy running tests on the AMD RX 590. Talking about tests, an Ashes of the Singularity benchmark for the AMD RX 590 was spotted recently and you can check out the performance of the graphics card at 1080p below:

AMD RX 590
AMD RX 590 Benchmark

We recently confirmed that the card will be based on the 12nm process. While we are not sure about the performance of the card, it is expected that the GPU will perform 10-15% better than the RX 580. It is also expected that it will consume about 25% less power. If these numbers are true then the AMD RX 590 could be a great upgrade for people that are using older or entry-level graphics cards.

It is also interesting to note that Nvidia is bringing the GTX 1060 GDDR5X around the same time as this card. It is safe to assume that both these cards are going to compete with one another. The new GTX 1060 is a cutdown version of the GTX 1080. So, it will be interesting to see what both of these cards have to offer.