Cheap VR Headsets Are Holding Virtual Reality From Going Mainstream

Virtual Reality in video games became popular as soon it was introduced. However, despite having VR hardware like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PSVR, virtual reality never went mainstream. The reason behind this that none of the existing VR headsets are capable of going mainstream.

This is according to Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey. In his recent blog post, Palmer discussed the reason why VR headsets and VR gaming has not become mainstream.

The reason is quite obvious from the title of his blog. According to Palmer, even if it was free none of the VR headsets would become mainstream popular.

I want to take this a step further and make a bold claim: No existing or imminent VR hardware is good enough to go truly mainstream, even at a price of $0.00. You could give a Rift+PC to every single person in the developed world for free, and the vast majority would cease to use it in a matter of weeks or months.

He added that judging the success of Virtual reality hardware by its sales is a useless metric. He noted that sales aren’t important but, how many users continue to user VR headsets is the important metric.

Recent market experiments with cheap VR hardware have shown that there are millions of people willing to buy said hardware, but very few among them continue to use the hardware or invest in the software ecosystem for very long.

According to Palmer, the lack of use is because of the compromises made to “quality of experience” while developing cheap VR headsets. These headsets can expand the user base but, won’t be able to retain it.

Speaking of the VR, Red Dead Redemption 2 launched last week with great critical reception. PC gamers, on the other hand, are wondering if the game would come to PC.

The game’s companion app has hinted that a PC version of the game will come. However, the same app has also hinted that Red Dead Redemption 2 PC will launch with VR support. Given that game is also playable in first-person, VR support makes sense and might come to PSVR too.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world action game developed by Rockstar Games. The game is available for PS4 and Xbox One.