Nvidia GTX 2060 Potentially Revealed With New Final Fantasy 15 Benchmarks

Nvidia RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti are already in the market with RTX 2070 to follow. However, Nvidia hasn’t even talked about the upcoming GTX 2060. But, it seems that the GPU is close to its reveal as Nvidia GTX 2060 has popped up online in new Final Fantasy 15 benchmarks.

New Final Fantasy 15 benchmarks have appeared online and have potentially revealed the upcoming Nvidia GTX 2060. An unnamed Nvidia GPU has popped up in these new benchmarks.

As you can see in the image below, the Final Fantasy 15 benchmarks have an entry titled “Nvidia Graphics Device”. This is not much to go on but, the device is around the same sport where the Nvidia GTX 2060 should be. The alleged Nvidia GTX 2060 is even faster compared to the GTX 1070 Ti.

Nvidia GTX 2060

Also, don’t expect Nvidia GTX 2060 to support real-time ray tracing tech. According to Nvidia, the RTX 2070 is the minimum requirement for the real-time ray tracing.

Speaking of unannounced GPUs popping up in FF15 benchmarks, AMD Radeon Vega 20 is another GPU teased within benchmarks. AMD Radeon Vega 20 based on the 7nm process node. If this is any indication then AMD will reveal the GPU later in 2018.

Nvidia’s new RTX GPUs are already in the market. However, reports are coming in that RTX 2080 Ti has architectural problems which are killing the GPU.

According to reports, the GPU degrades quickly following its installation. Users have reported instability issues and artifacts on their display. The replacement GPUs saw the same degradation.

If the RTX 2080 Ti does have architectural defects then replacements won’t fix this. This also indicates that Nvidia just rushed out its RTX GPUs in the market.

On the other hand, AMD is also preparing its high-end GPUs to compete Nvidia RTX. According to AMD CEO, Lisa Su, AMD is actively working on “high-performing quality products and building a solid long-term foundation”.

Furthermore, Lisa Su noted in the recent earnings call that AMD missed its target revenue by $50 million. The reason for the revenue being low is low GPU sales thanks to the downfall of cryptocurrency mining.