NBA 2K On iPad Pro Set To Compete With Console Graphics

2K Games has been bringing us new NBA titles each year, each more fabulous than the last one. Well, now they wish to take the stakes one more level up with NBA 2K coming to iPad Pro platform. Publishers have claimed that this tablet NBA 2K game can rival console graphics quality.

Although NBA 2K games have made improvements since the prior releases. But this looks like a bold claim nonetheless. Yet if we look at the demo of NBA 2K on iPad Pro the statement doesn’t seem that far fetched.

The game runs on iPad Pro at 60 FPS which is quite liked by gamers worldwide. Along with an ideal frames-per-second rate it also renders 6 million pixels. Apple displayed the game on the stage to the attendants of their event.

Besides, of all the NBA 2K games that came out before this none has been able to perform like this one. So, it already is the best NBA 2K mobile version of all time. Given that such games come out every other year accomplishing this feat is a milestone of its own kind.

Every time 2K games release a basketball video game it becomes their best selling titles. But the special thing about this iPad version of NBA 2K is making a breakthrough in graphics. The recently released NBA 2K19 sales also didn’t seem to disappoint developers.

Moreover, 2K19 had the best launch in the history of NBA video games. Additionally, iPad Pro is going to come out on November 7. Apple assures the fans that once it is out it could compete with Xbox One S even. According to such claims, it won’t need any extra support to run the graphics of the upcoming NBA 2K game.

Meanwhile, reviews of NBA 2K games suggest an ugly truth about the journalism of games. The series has struggled to get good reviews on Steam for 4 years now. Let’s hope NBA 2K gets good reviews on iPad Pro and its performance suggest that it might do good also.