Creating Inappropriate Characters Could Get You Banned In Soul Calibur 6

While we are still trying to get to know Soul Calibur 6 gameplay after it released but some players are way ahead in time. These bunch of players has been creating all sorts of weird characters in the game. Developers intend to ban Soul Calibur 6 players creating such custom characters.

Players have had their time ruined due to seeing unsuitable characters in the game. This does not add to the reputation of Soul Calibur 6 that developers built with plenty of features. Bandai Namco is not going to lay back on those who destroy the gaming experiences of fellow gamers.

A warning issued by Bandai Namco on the official website of Soul Calibur 6 prohibits this. Moreover, developers suggest that players found in such a practice must face consequences. Inappropriate creation of characters can even lead to getting banned from online play. Furthermore, Bandai Namco has not given us any criteria that might fall in such category.

But those who did what developers want to stop know what I’m talking about. A lizard warrior roaming with genitals out is what falls in the inappropriate boundary. While we’re addressing the elephant in the room you might want to know about a nude Soul Calibur 6 mod as well.

This mod has now allowed players to roam butt naked with their custom Soul Calibur 6 characters. While this might interest you into thinking how Taki or Talim would look like here’s another idea. Suppose you encounter someone using Nightmare’s strategies. Now that would fulfill the true meaning of his name if he comes out naked in front of you, wouldn’t it? Custom characters can go to any depth in Soul Calibur 6 and it can go against your thinking for sure.

Additionally, before you head on to see Taki nude you might want to know how to play with her too. Likewise, Talim also has a list of strategies to use in the game even when she is without any clothes. Last but not the least, Ivy might be in demand in this scenario but her strategies are worth a look as well.