Chinese Gamers Singing Praises For Red Dead Redemption 2 Without Even Playing it

Since its launch, we have only been hearing positive things on Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay. The whole world has gotten rather obsessed with the game. A set of people in China decided to dive in with similar reviews of Red Dead Redemption 2 without having played it.

Like most of the Chinese reviewers also provided some words of praise for the game from their side. But there seems to be one issue with reviews coming in from China for Red Dead Redemption 2. Well, the console is not allowed in their country for starters.

Moreover, the mature Red Dead Redemption 2 content is another issue for censorship. So even if consoles become available the censor board would get in the way of launching the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 release won’t get permitted due to censor on nude and violent scenes.

So as for now, Chinese reviewers base their opinion on Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay videos. There is actually a name given to these people of China that is Cloud Gamers. These Cloud Gamers form their reviews by watching streaming videos of games.

The authenticity of these reviews doesn’t amount to much after knowing this reality. Because let’s be honest watching a game and playing a game are no way near the same thing. Nonetheless, Chinese websites like biligame rated Red Dead Redemption 9.3 out of 10. They made the following bold claims by not playing but only watching RDR2:

“The shooting experience of this game beats all the other shooters in the West. Its storytelling also trumps all the Japanese RPGs… This is indisputably the best game of the century”

The problem here is not about claiming such things but saying it for the sake of it. But it seems like a common practice as in other words it is also stated openly that they watched it on Donyu.

It might be acceptable in the Chinese gaming community I suppose. And Cloud Gamers are starting to grow in numbers as the Chinese gaming market has quite strict rules.

As reviews of Red Dead Redemption 2 came in excluding China, it became the highest rated PS4 game. Take-Two also enjoyed them for a bit. Red Dead Redemption 2 point of interest locations make it a game unlike any other.