Call Of Duty Movie Production is Finally Going to Start, But When?

Video games being adapted into movies isn’t a new practice. This is why it comes as no surprise when information bubbles up about a potential Call of Duty movie in the works. It’s not just a movie, but an entire franchise with an expanded universe. A marvel movie setting vibe, as the studio expressed recently.

Reportedly being in the pre-development phase for a while now. Blizzard-Activision have found the director for their movie. Who you all know as Stefano Sollima. Whos’s work you may be familiar with if you’ve seen the movie Sicario: day of the Soldado. The director fits the bill, assuming the studio wants a military-style movie, which is essentially what the Call of Duty franchise has always been about. The film is still in its early development and production, however, with an exact release date being unconfirmed. Screenwriter, Kieran Fitzgerald did give a statement regarding the movie’s production.

“We have a great director attached, a guy named Stefano Sollima who made a fantastic series called Gommorra to date is the most popular Italian television show and really worth watching. And he then recently directed the sequel to Sicario which is called Soldado, so we’re very excited to have him on board and we hope to have production begin this spring.”
This definitely confirms for us that the film does plan to start its proper production in the spring of 2019. So safe to say that we can expect our Call of Duty movie by 2020.

Blizzard-Activision has been wanting to step into the movie territory for a while as a way to further spread their influence. They’ve fairly proven their ability to do so on the animated side of things. What with the quality of Blizzard’s Overwatch shorts, as well as talks of a movie. Which often emit Big Hero Six vibes. The company, however, would still prefer to reach an audience even larger than Overwatch.

And this is done by aiming for their Call of Duty franchise instead. Which has not only been far longer running but has also attained a cult following of sorts. The first installment being in 2003. And the latest being recently in 2018.

It’s been around for quite a while, the same being said for movies adapted into games. These crossovers have been a pleasant experience every now and then. Like the original Mortal Kombat movie, which at the time was considered crude due to the exclusion of source material. Now it’s become something of a cult classic though, with even the games paying homages to it. So hopes are high for this Call of Duty movie to continue breaking the bad mojo of the video game to movie curse. Long as we pretend the Doom movie never happened. (First person sequence was dope though)