Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC is on Sale Again Despite the Recent Backlash

Despite the recent backlash, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC is once again available on sale with $34% off. It’s clear that Square Enix didn’t learn anything from the negative reviews on Steam and they are just trying to make it affordable for everyone.

A week ago, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC went on sale which seems like a good thing but instead, it angered most of the game owners on Steam. At first, the game had positive reviews but after the sale, it was review-bombed.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC going on sale doesn’t seem fair to the people who bought it for $60 in less than a month ago. It’s also very unfair to the people who pre-ordered the game.

Initial owners of the game commented on Steam saying that they feel like a fool for pre-ordering it. One also said that he will never pre-order a Square Enix game ever again.

Well it’s something Square Enix is not worried about and that’s why you can buy it for 34% off again today. Though, you should be cautious in the future as one of the reasons gamers like PC is because of the early sales on games. That’s something most of the players want so in the future be careful when pre-ordering a game, especially from Square Enix.

Now that’s not the only reason for bad reviews of the game. People are also reporting various bugs and audio issues, something which Square Enix should fix soon.

Other than that, if you have already finished the game then you should wait till Nov 13 to try out the new DLC called “The Forge” on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Forge is the first DLC to come in the game. There are going to be 6 more monthly DLCs in the game.

Square Enix has promised that there will be a lot of content in the upcoming monthly DLCs. These will bring additional challenge tombs, co-op experiences, gear, game modes, and narrative missions.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is now available to play on PC, Xbox One and PS4.