Mysterious Rockstar Games Project Spotted In Actor’s Resume

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 has come out, fans are looking on to the future prospects of Rockstar Games. Although this might seem like too early, the suspicion has managed to get some real answers out. In this regard, a mysterious project by Rockstar Games called Fiyero has turned up.

This reveal came up after a resume of an actor named Jared Johnston went online. This resume had a shady detail in it about some Rockstar Games project. While the name Fiyero of this title seems unheard of to many it may also be a codename as Rockstar Games is fond of them. The video game company seems to have a knack for codenames in their workplace.

A Youtuber broke this news about a secret Rockstar Games title being in works. Although this wasn’t a surprise to anyone that Rockstar Games is making new video games. But it was the source and the name of the title that seemed quite odd.

The Youtuber claims that he got a link to the resume from a pretty reliable source. Although the linked seemed to be for the website of UGA Agency. But as it turned out it was the resume of Mr. Johnston who works for UGA Agency. It is an acting talent agency actually.

Now, in the resume, Jared has listed a voiceover project under the name Fiyero by Rockstar Games. He has specified his role in it as “Multiple Roles”. The most common guess would be that he already played or will play NPCs in this game.

Other than that, the name Fiyero doesn’t have quite much to it. It was a protagonist’s name in a Broadway show called Wicked. We don’t have much else about it. Still another belief among the fans is that it could even be a codename.

Since the release of RDR2, fans have been speculating much about the projects of Rockstar. At first, they started to look for clues about a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. Later they started looking elsewhere, for instance, Bully 2. But Fiyero has come out as a surprise as it was not what fans wanted to hear. The real news they’ve been waiting for is to know the release window of GTA 6, which could have gotten out already.