Project Atlas Revealed As EA’s Cloud-Based Gaming Platform

EA is ready to join the big names in cloud based gaming after announcing their own platform. Electronic Arts has unveiled this system for the accessibility of its users. It goes by the name of Project Atlas and EA is going all in with this one.

Ken Moss made a subtle announcement through a blog post which too detailed for you to read. The original article by the Chief Technology Officer of Electronic Arts is a 15-minute read. So, dive right in as we discuss the conception of this cloud gaming platform by EA called Project Atlas.

EA’s CTO means to see it as an ideal approach towards cloud-native gaming. Ken explains how Project Atlas would be helpful to developers in the long run. Electronic Arts intend to bring together all game development tools to one platform. This way the fuss about developing top-notch titles gets reduced.

The energy lost in the midst of joining lost parts of video games during development won’t be an issue now. While the concept may not seem as innovative in today’s world EA is giving it their own shape with Project Atlas. Moreover, EA has remained obsessed with the idea of cloud gaming since ever.

Although, Ken was pretty thorough in describing the whole concept one thing is still left. The strategy of Electronic Arts for this cloud-based system seems unclear as of now. Nonetheless, this announcement is a call to developers to partake in the project.

If things remain as optimistic as Ken Moss suggests Project Atlas could change the game here. We are talking about big scale video game development here. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts seem to have made a list of foes along the way who might oppose this. EA’s CEO responded to the question of the company being a greedy beast earlier.