November Update Teased For Gran Turismo Sport

Polyphony Digital is ready to launch fresh content for GT Sport in the coming week. Developers have tried to bring stability to the game with more and more additions to GT Sport car list. So, we’re getting an update of Gran Turismo Sport for November in this regard.

A teaser recently came out which suggests that users are getting some new GT Sport cars. Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo series Producer announced the November update’s launch date too. Players will have this update on their hands within a week.

Although the date for this update is clear to the fans the announcement still left a lot of things untold. Gran Turismo Sport players will be getting the November update on 6th of the month. But the teaser posted on Twitter by Kazunori has the fans on the edge of their seats.

As one might notice that the photo shared suggests a bunch of new cars coming in the game. But the shadowed outlines of these cars don’t actually show which ones they are. If only we knew about the models that developers look to add on to the GT Sport car list. Knowing the models would be quite helpful as the shapes in the photo can get figured out to some extent.

Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be much of the concern as the cars introduced before didn’t let us down. The past updates assure the fans that Polyphony Digital won’t fail to impress players.

The real question that arises is to figure out what epic models do we get to have a ride on now. Gran Turismo Sport August update brought beauties like Mini Cooper to the game. Earlier updates are also known to bring us exciting events to the game as well.

We are desperate to play the November update of Gran Turismo Sport as it comes out next week. Moreover, Polyphony Digital has given their clear stance on the microtransactions issue also.