Rumors of a Netflix Adaptation for The Legend of Zelda Surface

After recently dropping their second season to a positive reception. Netflix’s Castlevania producer, Adil Shankar, is rumored to be eyeing the Legend of Zelda franchise for a Netflix adaption. This is of course just a rumor. It does, however, originate from a confirmation. That confirmation being about Shankar in talks with an iconic Japanese game developer to develop their franchise into a series adaption.

The Legend of Zelda is a longtime running game series owned by Nintendo. Many around the world including myself are big fans of the games and for good reason. Considering how well the latest game in the franchise did.

It’s safe to say that the Zelda community is quite powerful. So of course if a Netflix adaption was made, preferably animated, it’s likely to be anticipated by a huge amount of people. It’s also intriguing that Shankar is the same producer that helmed the Castlevania series, which was also a series adaption of a famous game franchise. Hence why it’s safe to say that the Zelda story would be in good hands.

However, one must also remember that The Legend of Zelda isn’t the only iconic game franchise that Nintendo has produced. Like the Mario Brothers franchise. Which has maintained its consistency of popularity, with the latest title, Mario Odyssey. Although after the Mario Brothers film…I would be a bit skeptical.

There’s the Metroid series as well. Which follows the story of the badass space bounty hunter, Samus Aran. Who’s was probably every single ’90s boy’s first crush. But that’s beside the point. Metroid hasn’t had enough attention in more recent times other than as a guest in games like Smash Bros. Which brings me to my next and possibly favorite theory.

A Super Smash Bros series would be the best, thing, EVER! I mean not only do you have all your favorite characters in a crossover of epic proportions. But the story can branch out into so many long-lasting plot-lines spanning from all the different universes being merged together. Plus to those who say Smash Bros might not work in an animated series setting.