Destiny 2 Dev Bungie Forcing Player To Buy 6000 Silver For Eververse Access

Destiny 2 dev Bungie has had a couple of backlashes from the community when it comes to the lack of content in Destiny 2 and the Forsaken DLC was supposed to bring the community back. It did accomplish that to some degree but the issues are not over. One guardian reported that he was forced to buy Silver in order to gain access to Eververse again and here we are going to talk about that.

The fellow guardian mentioned that he bought Silver often and he thought it would be best to get some before Warmind came out, so he did. He bought 5000 Silver to be exact but to his surprise, he did not get them in-game. Destiny 2 dev Bungie was contacted regarding the matter and the support was pretty poor.

The guardian then contacted Blizzard support who refunded the money. But that was not the end of his worries. Fast forward to the launch of Forsaken DLC, Bungie decided to look into matters and the guardian got -5800 Silver. The negative sign is not a typo. Now if he wants to get items from Eververse he has to buy 5800 Silver.

Blizzard/Activision offered to wipe this account and provide him with a new one but that would mean that all his progress would be lost and that his efforts would be for nothing. Bungie has been unhelpful regarding the matter. You can check out the transactions below:


The fellow guardian has also tried to contact Bungie on Twitter but has been ignored every time. Being a destiny player myself I can see why this is annoying. It is very disappointing that Bungie cannot solve the issue.

Another Reddit user mentioned that he had a similar issue in FIFA 19 where he bought points but never got them. He contacted EA and got the points. Later on, the issue seemed to resolve itself and he got the original points. Now he had extra. So he contacted EA regarding the matter and customer support told him that he could keep them because it was an issue from EA’s side.

As bad as it might seem I have to include some of the comments that people made regarding the matter, which are very true indeed. As a Destiny 2 player, I think Destiny 2 Dev Bungie should take these comments to heart. One of the Reddit users mentioned, “You know its bad when EA offers a better customer service experience than Bungie/Activision.” Another user mentioned, “When EA beats anyone in customer service, it’s time to re-evaluate your customer service.”