Ubisoft Gives Detailed Update On The Division 2 True Sons Faction

The Division 2 release date is still a long way to go and developers have a lot to show to us till it arrives. In the most recent updates, Ubisoft has provided details of its most talked about lore. Dive right in as we get to know more about the True Sons faction of The Division 2.

It looks like True Sons are going to be a force to reckon with in The Division 2. The setting of the game is set in Washington D.C. and these shooters are going to bring menace into the streets. These individuals will go beyond limits to gain dominance through violence.

Ubisoft posted these revealing details about True Sons on the game’s official website. According to this detailed article, they were once a part of the Joint Task Force. But with changing circumstances their ideology became rather twisted.

True Sons have established themselves as trained criminals in The Division 2 story. These revolutionists see chaos as the only solution to the crisis is not only DC but the whole of America. So, they want to take control of things in their own hands and resolve things with a massacre.

Colonel Antwon Ridgeway led True Sons away from the Task Force to extremists views. Ridgeway fed all the members with his hateful ideology and brought them into a world of no mercy.

Moreover, survival against them is also going to be difficult given that they are former JTF. Combat with these trained soldiers will make them a serious threat.

The Division 2 full map revealed lots of locations in Washington DC. So, should get know it better as True Sons are going to be a dominating force in The Division 2.

Additionally, developers have told us why Washington got selected for The Division 2. One reason behind that served a purpose to the narrative of the game. Furthermore, creating sounds for the game was another obstacle to cross for Ubisoft.