Take-Two Stock Enjoyed a Spike After Red Dead Redemption 2 Reviews Went Live

Take-Two, for those of you don’t know is Rockstar’s parent company. Recently, its stocks rose after reviews on Rockstar’s latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2 dropped, which is the most likely reason for Take-Two’s success. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open world western game that was released last Friday. It’s been met with critical and commercial success around the world. Similar to previous titles like GTA V.

The stocks specifically had a 9% gain and are now rounded up to $120USD. This is despite the dip in their stocks they had post-September which were due to Dan Houser’s controversial comments. Houser, a spokesperson of Rockstar stated jokingly in an interview about how workers put in 100 hours of work a week in a quippy remark to the attention of detail in the game down to the dynamic horse testicles.

This statement sparked a worry in the community which then led to an investigation. It also started building up an idea in players to boycott the game at its launch. More on this story here.

While Rockstar’s crunch culture was then investigated, the stocks took a dip. Most likely because shareholders would rather not be associated with a company if questionable employee etiquette. This changed however with the game’s release.

And although Take-Two hasn’t surpassed the peak of stocks it had in September, it definitely has recovered the dent it took after Houser’s controversy. As Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to cement itself as potentially the game of this generation. With its mass purchasing as well as Metacritic reviews that painted it as a huge success.

And besides the statistics, have you actually even played the game? It’s definitely shaping up to be a legendary experience. One that may surpass its predecessor and make for another emotional, nostalgia-inducing experience.