18 Core Intel i9-9980XE Is Only Slightly Better Than The i9-7980XE

First benchmarks of the 18 Core Intel i9-9980XE have been leaked and according to the numbers, it is only a slight upgrade over the i9-7980XE. The 9980XE comes with 18 cores and 36 cores. The CPU has a base clock of 3.0GHz and can boost to 4.4GHz. The max boost is able to get the CPU to 4.5 GHz.

The CPU can support 6-channel memory with speeds of 2666 MHz. The TDP of the chip is 165W so you do need some exceptional cooling. Luckily this is not for the general consumer as an 18-core CPU will be pretty overkill.

Intel i9-9980XE
Intel i9-9980XE Benchmark

From what we can see from the benchmark, the Intel i9-9980XE is running at stock speeds and is not overclocked. Overclocked the CPU might result in better performance but at stock speeds, the difference is not what you would expect as compared to the previous generation SKUs.

These chips are going to compete with AMD server chips. Intel i9-9980XE might counter AMD EPYC Rome but we know that these chips are based on the 14nm process while the AMD EPYC Rome is going for the 7nm process.

This means that the upcoming AMD chips will offer better efficiency. AMD also offers more cores and threads. We have heard that the CPU will come with 32 cores. There are going to be other SKUs that will come with additional cores and threads.

Keep in mind that the benchmark that we have mentioned here is a synthetic one and that the performance in the real world can be different. Keeping that in mind we can only say something for sure when we have one of these CPUs and can test them in real-world applications.

Let us know what you think about Intel i9-9980XE and whether or not you think these chips will be enough to take on AMD Threadripper and EPYC Rome CPUs.