The Division 2 Playable Demo Confirmed for XO18

As you all know, the massive Xbox fan eventĀ X018 is set to happen in Mexico on November 10th. Considering The Division has Xbox as a marketing partner, it should come as no surprise that the game will be showcased during the event. It has now beenĀ confirmed that Microsoft is bringing The Division 2 playable demo to XO18.

The Division 2 is a Ubisoft game, also serving as a sequel to the original title. It’s an RPG shooter game that’s played from a third-person perspective. The game’s story focuses around and centers in on a civil war-torn Washington D.C.

Where players take control of Division agents that they can customize and upgrade as they please. The Division 2 branches out into 3 main game modes.

  • The campaign: Players are tasked with tackling D.C’s biggest threat and save it from destruction
  • Co-op: Facing the game’s toughest missions with a group of your friends
  • PvP: Combat between different players to complete the multiplayer package the game has to offer.

X018 may be the last chance for players to play The Division 2 before its official release in March 2019. Alongside this and Kingdom Hearts 3, gamers also expect updates on Microsoft’s recent acquisitions of game developing companies like Ninja Theory who made Hellblade, as well as, Playground Games, the team behind the Forza racing series.

Crackdown 3 and the next Gears of War are also in high hopes of being showcased during the massive X018 event. Which will take place in Mexico and will also be live-streamed to the rest of the world?

Big news for Xbox fans around the world, especially, those attending the event, who can now experience games like the Division 2 firsthand before anyone else. The anticipation of other titles and future plans for the acquired game studios also incline more and more gamers to tune in to the event’s live-stream on November 10th this year.