Horses In Red Dead Redemption 2 Had Self Defence Training

We all know that struggle of getting used to a game’s controls. Doesn’t matter if we’re seasoned gamers or new blood. Every pair of hands on a controller of any kind has that initial trial of getting the hang of the game’s mechanics and button inputs.

This could be for one of two main reasons that I’ve deciphered.

A: You’re playing said game for the first time, and you still haven’t gotten used to it
B: You’re transitioning from habits of the last game you played before switching to your current one

I find the second case scenario to be so frequent, at least in my case. When I switched to Spiderman from the Witcher 3. And kept trying to lock onto my enemies, only to enter bullet time web shooting by accident.

I remember playing Siege, a tactical slow-paced shooter. By sprinting around, bashing through doors, causing explosions and bashing people’s heads in. Why? Because I was playing Doom prior to it.

What can often be humorous for spectators is actually suffering for the players themselves? Like when you mess up the crucial moment of a Dark Souls boss-fight because you tried using a shout from Skyrim. My personal favorite was when I tried to use Genji’s deflect ability in a game of Counter-Strike.

The other case scenario is when you botch up the controls of a game you’ve never played before. Which is a natural part of the “Git Gud” process, so relax.

That does, however, still lead to incidents which can be devastating for the player, but pure entertainment for the viewers. Such as this post from Reddit, which in fact actually inspired this article.

Now, of course, this is hilarious for us. But put yourselves in the shoes of this poor lad. Who must’ve worked hard on building a relationship with his horse on the foundations of trust and respect? Only for it to be abruptly tanked by an unintentional sucker punch to the noggin and a “No u” kickback from the horse.

Either way, whether you choose to deny it or agree. We’ve all had our moments of brain-farting and pushing the wrong button. With the repercussions ranging from a small giggle to utter catastrophe (I swear I didn’t mean to blow up Megaton).

But there is a way to possibly avoid all this, you can train and know your horse better with our Red Dead Redemption 2 horses guide.