You Can Now Buy Metro 2033 Free On Steam For 24 Hours, Pick It Up If You Can

With the hubbub popping up over Metro Exodus when it comes out next year, you can now buy Metro 2033 free on Steam for 24 hours, and experience the critically acclaimed game that started it all. However, you only have a limited time to download it before you have to pay for it again.

Metro 2033 is based on a series of post-apocalyptic fiction novels by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Based on an alternate history where the world was destroyed in a nuclear war, Russia (and specifically Moscow) are now frozen wastelands, with the surviving populace forced to live underground in the Moscow subway system, in various stations that are nations and city-states unto themselves.

In walks a young man named Artyom, who finds himself chosen by a Ranger named Hunter to leave his station in order to save what’s left of humanity from the rising apparent threat of a race of mutants known as Dark Ones. Along the way he encounters a great many monsters, ghosts, supernatural and unexplainable phenomenon, not to mention Nazis and Communists engaged in a brutal subway war against each other.

The game proved to be a rousing success, which caused a sequel, Metro: Last Light, starting to radically depart from the original story as Artyom, now a Ranger, goes on a journey to protect the D6 Bunker from falling into the hands of the Nazis, followed by Exodus, where Artyom begins to travel the surface of Russia to explore the rest of the world.

If you want to experience such a hair-raising journey for yourself, you can now get Metro 2033 free on Steam. However, at the same time, you might want to pay around $7.00 for its updated re-release, Metro 2033: Redux, a redone version of the game with an updated control scheme, better gameplay, and better graphics.

But if you really want the game for free, you can get it now on Steam, but you only have until tonight.