Incineroar Still Believed To Be In Super Smash Bros Ultimate Roster

For the past few days, gossip about Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster has been at its peak. A major reason behind it was presumably leaking of all Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters. The reveal comprised of the complete roster but recent online debate suggests otherwise.

For those unaware of the situation, this Super Smash Bros Ultimate leak was an image. This image came from a Snapchat post picturing a banner for the game. Although the post is now deleted it rotated among the community real quick.

Now, a noted leaker among Super Smash Bros Ultimate community has set off a new debate. This leaker argues that Incineroar is still in Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster. Yet, he isn’t seen in the image leak. Fans had mixed reactions over this but most of them do not believe it.

The thing to consider here the most is that this leaker is not one who throws illogical arguments. He goes by the name Vergeben and he has been right about several rumours before as well. From claiming return of prior characters to Simon Belmont’s addition he’s quite precise. Past events make him a credible source to give an intake of what Super Smash Bros Ultimate developers are planning.

Vergeben indicates that being in a leaked image is not neccesary for inclusion in the roster. Incineroar might be out from the image but Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC could be his way in the game. This would also explain why Incineroar was not made part of the star-studded image.

Many users on online discussion forums think this information isn’t true. But to actually settle the debate a world from developers, Nintendo is much-needed. We hope with less than two months left in the release, Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster will get sorted soon. Moreover, we were already told that character announcements will slow down.