Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay is Already Being Streamed on Twitch

Red Dead Redemption 2 officially releases tomorrow but some players with early copies of the game are already streaming its gameplay on Twitch. So if you hate spoilers, you better not be looking at anything related to RDR 2.

RDR 2 will officially unlock midnight depending on your region. Streaming embargo of the game lifts at 12 am UK time as Rockstar knows that some people are able to get their games earlier than expected. Though no one is afraid of having their accounts blocked as people have started streaming it on Twitch.

Though, be aware that people are streaming different parts of the game. Some are streaming actual Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay and some just happen to use leaked videos to gain attention.

It doesn’t matter either way if you don’t want to spoil the fun for you. The best way is to stay away from the internet as much as possible so you can fully explore the Wild West on your own.

Also, don’t forget to download the official RDR 2 companion app on iOS or Android before you start playing tomorrow. This companion app has been designed to provide you with a secondary map to help you explore the West World with ease.

Once you install this app you can choose to completely turn off your HUD to fully immerse yourself in the game. This app will provide you with real-time stats and you can even zoom in or out the map. You can pin locations and find the shortest way to your destination.

It also comes with a manual to help you in the game. You better start downloading the game if you haven’t already because it’s going to take you very long.

RDR 2 will take around 105 GB on your PS4 and the downloading seems to be pretty slow most of the time. It’s not your internet, actually it’s because of the load on servers as so many people are trying to download it.

You will also have the chance to know the backend story of each member of Arthur Morgan’s Gang. There are a total of 23 character stories and each one is different from other.

RDR 2 is expected to break records tomorrow when it launches worldwide on PS4 and Xbox One.