Red Dead Redemption 2 Wanna-Be Wild West Online Resurfaces After Studio Collapse

Wild West Online, a western style MMORPG game made for the PC which is available as on Steam. Recently their studio, which initially appeared to have closed down and abandoned the game, suddenly rebooted it instead and brought about some new building modes and a battle royale feature.

The game that was originally launched in May failed to generate enough interest from the community. The game was hit with a negative reception and a declining player base, going as low as a peak of 20 players at a time.

Developer expressed how the company couldn’t meet its payroll and had to cease the updating on the game’s features. Recently, however, Wild West Online was picked up by Free Reign Entertainment, who relaunched it and has employed a new team into the making and updating of WWO. That’s not the only major change, however, the game has also been made free-to-play while maintaining old accounts to compensate users that paid for an incomplete experience.

A statement issued by the West Online Rep was also issued to address the relaunch

From this new client, you will have access to two games effectively from one launcher – Frontier and Magnificent 5. Frontier is a wild west themed survival/exploration/PVP game. You will explore the world ( yes full game and the North will be available ), build your own housing and settlements, craft items, hunt animals, etc. This is basically an evolution of the WWO as you know it. It’ll be much more focused on building and crafting than WWO though. Magnificent 5 is our ‘obligatory’ take on Battle Royale :). It’s based on work Free Reign Entertainment have made with its Chinese partners. up to 20 teams of 5 players each are fighting in a dynamic world, build fortifications, trying to get the best loot and artifacts. Monetization of the game is VERY SIMILAR to Fortnite, with Season Passes that open challenges and access to cosmetic items

A battle royale mode for the game was also announced which will get a proper reveal soon. But in no way, at least in its current state, PC gamers should consider Wild West Online an alternative to Red Dead Redemption 2.

The good news is that PC gamers won’t have to look for a Red Dead Redemption 2 alternative. Rumor has it that the game will release on PC sometime in Fall 2019.

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