Overwatch PTR Changes Point to a New Hero’s Arrival

Although Overwatch is a multiplayer arena FPS game, the in-game universe has an expansive lore. One that is explained through the game’s maps, in-game dialogue and Blizzard’s own animated shorts.

Since the gameplay itself is solely multiplayer, this gives the developers over at Blizzard slightly less room to be able to convey their stories to the fans. Hence why occasionally this is accomplished by a change in the game’s environments. Change either hinting to an event, or at times even a new hero.

In this case, it appears to be the change in the very Payload itself of the map Route 66. Now I’m aware most of you damage mains out there would’ve missed this since you’re chasing the enemy supports instead of escorting. But the payload of Route 66 is actually, or rather, WAS actually a nuke, that was changed recently as shown in the images below.

Which are a comparison of the Live servers and the public test regions? Now, what could this mean? Maybe McCree’s former compadres, the Deadlock gang have reclaimed what seems to have been their payload in the first place. Or is it perhaps Blizzard’s hint at a new hero?

The biggest example of the latter was during Doomfist’s release. The concept of a warrior wielding the Doomfist gauntlet had been teased throughout the game’s lifespan. Since the very first promo centered around the gauntlet itself. Expanding upon the idea, the payloads being carried by teams on escort maps also often are missed for the details they subtly put out.

Such as the Numbani payload containing the gauntlet itself, that is until the gauntlet itself was not only removed from the payload. But the airport was also made the scene of a robot security massacre.

The Latina hero, Sombra, was also originally teased through discreet hint drops as well as her symbol being subtly flashed around. My hopes are high for another hero release, hopefully, one that maybe changes the meta to a more interesting one, because the ongoing GOATS composition is a bit too brain-dead for my liking.