Kingdom Hearts 3 Demo Confirmed For Xbox X018 Event

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date might be a bit far for now but Xbox is here to bring you the demo of the game at X018 event. While release of the game seems rather distant right now, X018 will be here in a couple of weeks only. Making Kingdom Hearts 3 playable at this point also makes it up for the wait fans have to go through till January.

Moreover, this could be the last time to experience Kingdom Hearts in a demo. The reason behind being that X018 is the only major gaming event left before the launch of the game. Fans got to see Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay in earlier events as well such as TGS or E3.

Although the demo got a TGS display it wasn’t playable. E3 was the last event to feature a playable version of Kingdom Hearts 3 for the fans. So, X018 appearance indicates that playable demos for the game might be coming to a close.

Given that after X018 might be the only chance to play Kingdom Hearts 3 before release fans wouldn’t miss it at all. Tokyo Games Show revealed new information about Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay. Let’s see what X018 event has in store for us.

Director of the game also talked about the feedback received about the demo before. Furthermore, developers also intend to build Kingdom Hearts 3 for Nintendo Switch platform. Kingdom Hearts 3 characters feature voices of some serious talents from famous franchises.

Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t the only playable game at the event to feature a demo. Apart from that, Xbox is being rumored to unveil major Xbox Scarlett news. But that is quite unlikely that will happen. So, you might want to stick with playing the Square Enix game for now. Here is the tweet announcing Kingdom Hearts 3’s arrival: