Xbox Game Pass Expanding to PC Soon

Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass service is often dubbed as “Netflix for video games.” This name sits quite right with it actually as it’s pattern quite resembles Netflix. The game pass is exclusive to Xbox One but that may change in the near future.

Actually, this might be an ideal time to launch the gaming services on PC as Xbox Game Pass list library continues to grow.  Microsoft in its recent FY19 Q1 earnings revealed the overwhelming growth of the Game Pass.

Gaming revenues of Microsoft showed a 44 % rise, according to the earnings data. Furthermore, Xbox services and software also saw a 34 % growth. In the light of these impressive numbers, Microsoft wants to develop Xbox Game Pass for PC as well.

Satya Nadella, their CEO expressed that Microsoft wishes to offer it to PC users now. Meanwhile, he also highlighted how Xbox has increased its reach through cross-platform presence. So, Xbox Game Pass can be a valuable asset to further expand this reach.

Moreover, with such great Xbox Game Pass deals coming out on consoles PC users won’t hesitate to join in. Xbox Game Pass is a service which allows access to a wide range of games through a subscription. On top of that, the library keeps rotating every month so the variety is quite extensive too.

Recently, PayPal teamed up with Microsoft to give out an awesome Xbox Game Pass deal for 1-month free access. Moreover, titles like “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” got added to it on launch day as well.

Microsoft has been exploring options for Xbox Game Pass for a while now. They even value the feedback of their fans for any improvement suggestions. As things stand right now, The game pass subscription on PC seems inevitable.