Optic India’s “Forsaken” Blames Lack of Confidence for Cheating

After taking some days off from social media, Nikhil Kumawat a.k.a “Forsaken” of the Optic India team finally came out to address the cheating incident that shocked the Asian CS: GO scene. Describing how regretful he was and how he wished he never Counter-Strike in the first place.

Back in the eXTREMELANDS 2018 tournament, Optic India was disqualified from the games after their player, Forsaken, was caught cheating with the aid of an aim hack.

After being booted by his team, Nikhil deleted his social media accounts and vanished. He wasn’t heard from up until recently during an interview with AFKGaming in which he expressed sorrow, guilt and even sympathy for his former teammates.

This is because he believes he robbed them of greater opportunities just because of his lack of confidence in his own abilities. This was a statement from the former CS:GO player of Optic India, Forsaken:

I want to start this by apologizing to my teammates, OpTic management and the people who put their trust in me. I feel extremely guilty for stealing away the opportunities from my teammates, each one was extremely talented and I have jeopardized their chances of being where they deserve.

I did not have any financial pressure, any family pressure or anything as a reason to cheat, it was all me. It was all me who wanted to win every game, wanted to be perfect in every aspect of the game. I was confident in my decision making, I was confident in the understanding of the game etc, but was never confident in my aim so to compensate that lack of confidence in aim I had to choose the wrong path.

None of my teammates had any idea of me using any external programme including my coach and manager. They simply trusted in me and I am sorry to say I failed them. The hack was not too blatant (even though people think I might be), no-one in my team or people standing behind us (coach or manager etc) had any idea I was using anything. It gave me a slight advantage over my natural aiming so it was almost negligible to be observed by people around me. I was also very careful to only use it occasionally and in hiding it after games.

I did use hacks inside the boot camp but it was impossible for them to know. As I already said it only gave me a slight advantage in terms of accuracy, precision and better registry of bullets so it was not visible to people observing me outside the game. There were also no instances to doubt me but whenever clips were online I was quick to come up with an excuse and took advantage of their trust in me.

His actions not only hurt his own career but his entire team had to suffer. Optic India was disbanded after this incident.