Battlefield 5 With Nvidia RTX Brings Another Layer Of Gameplay Immersion

Nvidia is pushing its RTX tech in video games such as Battlefield V, Metro Exodus and more. However, there is no game out yet that Nvidia RTX GPU users can test. We have take developers’ word for it and according to DICE, Battlefield V looks “brilliant” with Nvidia RTX.

This is according to DICE design director Daniel Berlin who talked about the game and the implementation of Nvidia RTX. With Nvidia RTX enabled, Battlefield V players will see gameplay moments that were not possible in previous Battlefield games.

A lot of the RTX stuff is brilliant. The way you can have these specific gameplay moments you’ve never had before, like spotting somebody come around a corner in the reflection of a car and taking them out; that stuff is super cool.

Not only that, the RTX technology also helped in the singleplayer campaign for Battlefield V. He also talked about how far facial animation tech has progressed.

Speaking of the game, DICE has confirmed that Battlefield V will feature a tick rate of 60 Hz on PC and 30 Hz for consoles. However, the studio has also confirmed 120 Hz tick rate for the PC version.

But, 120Hz tick rate servers won’t be available at Battlefield V’s launch. Also, the 120 Hz tick rate is exclusive to smaller game modes.

These smaller game modes will be added post-launch so the 120 Hz tick rate servers will be available after the game launches.

Furthermore, the game features a revamped bullet penetration system. Battlefield 5 bullet penetration system now works better compared to previous titles.

For those who don’t know, this system allows bullets to go through “thin materials and deal reduced damage to opponents”. The penetration and the damage depend on the weapon. With Battlefield 5 bullet penetration system, players will be able to change the dynamics of the match.

Battlefield V is a first-person action shooter developed by EA DICE. The game rolls out on November 20, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: PCGamesN