8 Major Characters from Super Smash Bros Roster Leaked

Super Smash Bros roster seems to have leaked and while the leaked image is pretty blurry, it seems to be legit. The reason why the image is so blurry is that it is an image of a now deleted Snapchat post. According to the leak, the Super Smash Bros roster includes Shadow, Banjo Kazooie, Ken, Isaac, Mach Rider, Geno and Chorus kids.

In my experience, blurry images are often fake but this seems to be legit. This post seems to be from a French graphics designer that is working on the game. He seems to have forgotten to blur the image completely.  You can check out the leaked image below:

Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros Roster

You can also check out the other leaks that have uncovered over the course of the past couple of weeks. The roster of the game is a huge one and we still do not know about the whole range of characters that will be playable.

We have also learned that Super Smash Bros will feature more than 800 cross-franchise collaborated music tracks which you can check out below:

  • Gang-Plank Galleon from Donkey Kong Country arranged by ACE (Xenoblade Chronicles series)
  • Mega Man 4 medley arranged by Jun Senoue (Crush 40 and Sonic series)
  • F-Zero Medley arranged by Takenobu Mistuyoshi (Daytona and Virtua Fighter series)
  • Bomb Rush Blush from Splatoon arranged by Tomoya Ohtani (later Sonic series)
  • City Trial from Kirby Air Ride arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare (Phoenix Wright, Grandia, and Lunar series)
  • Main theme from Breath of the Wild arranged by Yoshino Aoki (Breath of Fire series0
  • Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2 arranged by Michiko Naruke (Wild Arms series)
  • Noisy Notebook from Snipperclips arranged by Maki Kirioka (Zone of the Enders series and Metal Gear Solid 4)
  • Bomb Rush Blush from Splatoon arranged by Tomoyo Ohtani

Let us know what you think about Super Smash Bros roster so far and which character you are most interested in playing with.