Soul Calibur 6 Soul Points Farming Guide – Best SP Farming Methods

Soul Calibur 6’s main currency is the Soul Points which can be used to buy many items in the Museum and that is exactly why we have compiled this Soul Calibur 6 Soul Points Farming Guide for you.

Soul Calibur 6 Soul Points Farming

Soul Points in the premium-ish currency in the game that can be used to unlock super cool stuff in the game like artwork, story tidbits, lore, and perhaps even audio.

You can buy these items by accessing the Museum on the main menu screen. You will get an option to buy stuff for Soul Points from there.

In this guide for Soul Calibur VI, we will cover all that you will need to know about Soul Points alongside some tricks and techniques on how to farm for them. Stick to this guide if you do not wish for Inferno to consume you. We will keep you safe.

If you intend to farm for Soul Points, we have listed almost every way to earn Soul Points. These are listed below:

Soul Chronicle Completion
Completing the classical Soul Chronicle game mode fully will award you a massive 2,000 Soul Point boost. You can do it only once though.

Character Stories Completion
Completing a character’s story will award you 200 Soul Points per character. You can do it only once per character though.

Arcade Mode Completion
By completing an Arcade Mode on different difficulties, you can earn 50/100/150/200/300 Soul Points.

Completing Arcade Mode on “Easy” difficulty will reward you 50 Soul Points. “Normal” difficulty will award you 100 Soul Points, 150 Soul Points on “Hard” difficulty, and 200 on “Very Hard” difficulty.

Do not even bother with the “Legendary” difficulty. Inferno in Legendary difficulty is too powerful for normal comprehension. Heck, if you somehow manage to defeat him, you get 300 SP.

Note that each Arcade Mode has eight matches so it might become a chore.

Libra of Soul Trade-in
Trade in 5,000 Gold from Libra of Soul game mode and you will receive 100 Soul Points. Although not a very good way to get Soul Points, if you have ended LoS, this will become more rewarding and easy.

Win a Ranked Match
If you win a ranked match online, you will receive 50 Soul Points. A very fast way to earn Soul Points but only if you are a good player.

Other Ways
Although there are no other ways to earn Soul Points, if you play the game normally, you might have a lot of Soul Points before you know it.

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In the meantime, we will be sure to look up more into the game and find out more methods to farm for Soul Points. We will have updated the guide if we find any more ways to farm for Soul Points. Let us know in the comments section if you liked this guide.