Soul Calibur 6 Nightmare Strategy Guide – Revenge Attacks, Terror Charge, Grim Stride, Night Side

Already being called top-tier and OP, Nightmare wields the powerful Soul Edge himself and can bring destruction to the enemy from any range. Find out more about his playstyle and utilizing it properly in Soul Calibur 6.

Soul Calibur 6 Nightmare Strategy

The Nightmare or more precisely the Azure Nightmare was once a brave and just knight known as Knight Seigried. However, upon harnessing the power of Soul Edge, corruption overcame him.

However, all this power does not come without its benefits in terms of strength. Nightmare can use his powerful sword to charge attacks and deal a good amount of damage on them.

These work from mid and close range and will even knock opponents out of the ring. Overall, this character’s damage potential is insane.

Revenge Attacks

All of the following attacks have revenge properties on them so even if an opponent attacks you while you are in the animation of these attacks, you will counter them and still manage to damage them.

Additionally, these attacks have incredible pushback effect so utilize them to corner your enemy and apply pressure.

  • Blood Storm: f + A, A
  • Double Avenger: f + B, B
  • Adamantine Cracker: f + K

Terror Charge Stance

After you land either of the above revenge attacks and should you counter the enemy’s attack in the process, you perform Dire Vengeance attack that will put you straight in the Terror Charge Stance.

Under this stance, you can perform certain attacks that would have otherwise required the use of Soul Charge.

Two decent moves in this stance are Death Lord’s Impalement (f + B, B, B) and Malicious Lord’s Destruction (K, B), the former being safe on block.

The normal attacks, Soul Smasher (d + A + B) and Double Death Strike (b + K, K) turn into attack throws in this stance.

Grim Stride Movement

You can cancel into this special movement stance from moves like Shoulder Rush (by inputting f, hold f + K, f) and Ether Splitter (by inputting f, hold f + B, f).

Alternatively, you can trigger the Grim Stride on its own simply by doing a quarter-circle forward motion.

In the Grim Stride rush, deal stamina damage via the Grim Launcher (B) or use the guard-impact move, Grim Fang (A) to beat out the vertical attacks of the opponent.

You can also opt out of this movement system by simply inputting nothing in the Grim Stride stance and crouching.

Night Side Stance

This stance allows you to deal damage with quicker attacks, which you will not find outside of the stance. You can cancel into it by the moves: Plague Spreader (hold A) and Blood Storm (f + hold A).

Alternatively, while you are crouching, just hold B as you rise to enter the Night Side stance with a combo. In the stance, you get access to Night Front Kick (K) that is good for counter hits but is unsafe on block.

You can also choose to switch into Grime Stride stance by simply inputting quarter-circle forward during the Night Side stance and keep up the pressure on the opponent.

You can also transition into this stance while dodging close-ranged attacks by inputting b + B + K. While you are dodging this way, input the commands for Phantom Star (A, B) to land a lethal hit performing huge damage.

Critical Edge

The Dark Reconquista Critical Edge strike is a slow yet damaging attack that can be delayed by holding the command button. If charged to the maximum duration of time, the damage is astounding.

Otherwise, even without delaying, the move is invulnerable to high and mid attacks, and will even have guard-impact properties should the revenge be activated. Following up the Critical Edge with A, A, B, B mostly leads to a devastating combo.

Soul Charge

With soul charging, you are given access to new follow-ups from your existing stances. In the Night Side stance, you can perform Phantom Lord’s Gammadia (B, A, B) for a damaging combo.

Dire Vengeance will also be given a ‘lethal-hit’ property if revenge is activated on moves like Blood Storm (f + A, A) or Adamantine Cracker (f + K).

Moreover, during Grim Stride, you can execute Grim Lord’s Auto-da-fe (K, K) for good pushback and even ring-outs. At the end of your utilization of Soul Charge, a transition into the Terror Charge stance takes place for even more offensive options.

Reversal Edge

The Reversal Edge can be coupled with any one of the attack buttons: A, B or K, each resulting in different effects:

Following up with A, a strike is unleashed causing huge stamina damage and even the capability of crushing the opponent’s guard. However, on a block, it is unsafe so stay prepared for the punish.

Following up with B, you can enter the Night Side stance and if the move successfully hits and the opponent’s guard is crushed, you can follow up with the moves that come under the stance.

Lastly, following up with K, you perform an attack throw, which on hit, will let you transition into Terror Charge stance. However, on a block, the move is punishable.

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