Preparing for Warframe Fortuna Update – Things You Should Know

Now before you head out for the Fortuna update that comes out this week, we feel like you should look at our Warframe Guide that teaches you the things you should know in order to prepare for this update.

We will try our best to keep this guide newbie friendly but there may be certain terms that are linked to content that will be available later on in your game. You have been warned.

Preparing for Warframe Fortuna Update

In this guide, we will discuss all the things you will need to do before the update goes live. These will include stuff that might sound very grindy but technically is not. If you have done all this stuff, you are very well prepared for the Fortuna update.

We can only wish you good luck with your endeavor. Without further ado, let us begin the preparation of a lifetime:

Good Sources to Start

I cannot stress this enough. The game does so poorly a job at fostering new players that players usually leave the game hours after playing it.

Although the community is pretty nice, we would suggest you watch a few beginners guides on YouTube before starting your game.

If you reach a certain point in the game where you are stuck, you can always use the warframe.wikia website.

The website contains massive amounts of information on each item in Warframe, including weapons, mechanics, Warframes, Arch-Wings, and more. You will also learn about the relics and their drops through Google-ing.

Alternatively, visiting the region chat and asking for a specific item’s location is a good choice. DE has their own bot named the [DE] KickBot that will answer many inquiries you have related to an item’s location.

Clearing the Star Chart

There are 227 different locations in Warframe that need to be cleared. Some areas are hidden at the start and have to be unlocked later on through the story of the game but there are 227 nodes that can be visited from your Orbiter.

Your first job after completing the story of Warframe should be to unlock all these nodes.

You can view how many nodes you have unlocked by clicking your profile and clicking ‘Stats’ section. Clearing the ‘Star Chart’ also unlocks the newest game mode ‘Arbitration’ that is an end-game mode and has tough conditions.

Complete the Story

I cannot stress this enough. Before you begin the complex world of Orb Vallis, you should at least have completed the story of the game upto the Chimera Prologue point. You can visit your Orbiter for more information.

There are probably a lot of references that you will miss if you do not complete the story before getting here.

Heck, even then you might not understand it. There is a lot of lore not included in the game but is available on Wikia.

Yes, it might seem like a grind to complete the whole story before trying to experience this new area. You do not need to but if you do, it will be a good experience.


Before I begin ranting about how grindy this game is, I will have you know that you will need to farm for a LOT of stuff before you can get a decent chance at completing a bounty successfully in this game.

You can skip the grind by buying an item for “Platinum” but the most efficient way is to grind for the stuff and buy only the stuff that needs to be bought. There is a lot of farming, and we have included the stuff that you will probably need to farm for:

There are a lot of Mods that you will need to farm for. Corrupted Mods that can be obtained from Orokin Vaults are a must. You must have at least 1x of each Corrupted Mod.

Other basic Mods like Redirection, Vitality, Steel Fiber, Streamline, Intensify, Continuity, Flow, and Stretch are a must too.

Endo AND Credit
To level up a Mod to the max level, you will need a LOT of Endo. It can take around 30,000 Endo just to max a single Mod as well as around 1,000,000 Credits. That is a lot!

The fastest way to get Credit is through Index, though, you will need to complete the story quest “The Glast Gambit” before you can proceed.

Endo farming is tough. You may need a Nekros in your team. The fastest way is to run the Arena on Sedna. If you cannot do that, you can always turn in unused Mods into Endo.

The Weekly Ayatan Run also gives you an Ayatan Treasure that can be sold to Maroo for a lot of Endo.

You will need Forma if you want to make a very strong weapon/Warframe build.

A Forma basically changes the ‘Polarity’ of a slot, allowing you to use a Mod of the same polarity on that slot with half the Mod Capacity requirement.

For example, if you have the Madurai polarity on X slot while having no polarity on Y slot, if you equip an Intensify Mod (which has a Madurai polarity) on the X slot, it will cost 3 Capacity instead of the stock 6 Capacity it would cost on Y slot.

Be sure to get a lot of Formas, at least 15 in total. You can farm Forma by opening the different Relics in the game and vouching for the Forma Blueprint. Otherwise, you can get a Forma from rare containers in Lua Missions.

Alternatively, a pack of 3 Formas can be bought off the Market for a cheap 35 Platinum.

Get Warframes and Weapons

If you have played Warframe upto Ceres, you must have realized that having only one type of Warframe does not help. You need to get a Warframe for each type of mission you need to do.

While one type of frame may be exceptionally good at doing a specific objective, it may not be as good at doing the other objective. Frost is the only exceptions to this rule, as far as I know. Frost has excellent offensive, as well as, defensive capabilities.

For Exterminate missions, I would recommend getting a Valkyr, Saryn, or Ash. While it may be tough to get some of these, they have a lot of good offensive power.

They provide good damage output, and in Exterminate missions, killing everyone is your objective.

For Defense missions, I strongly recommend Limbo, Frost, or Gara. All of these have amazing defensive capabilities that you can use to defend your target while your friends defeat the enemy onslaught.

Be reminded that these frames also have very good offensive capabilities if you are solo-ing Defense missions.

Mobile Defense
For Mobile Defense missions, I would recommend the same Warframes: Limbo, Frost, or Gara. Mobile Defense is pretty similar to Defense but with the target changing three times. They are, however, much easier than Defense missions.

Assassinate missions are contracts where you will have to face the greatest force of that whole planet and defeat it. The Assassination targets are unique enemies with strong defensive and offensive capabilities.

I, myself, would prefer Valkyr for Assassinations. With her 4th ability, she is invulnerable for a specific period of time, and if modded correctly, can become unstoppable. She also has a very big damage output.

The Spy missions are the trickiest missions of Warframe. Featuring puzzles that you need to solve without being detected, these are fun missions for some, while absolute nightmares to newbies.

The best frames to doing Spy missions are Loki, Ivara, Ash, and Limbo. Loki, Ivara, and Ash can go invisible which is really great for a Spy mission, while Limbo can enter another dimension, being able to pass through lasers without touching them.

Ah, the excruciating Survival missions. These are missions where you will have to hold out for as long as you can while killing enemies and stealing their “life support” unless you want your life support to stop and the mission to ultimately fail.

The best frames for a Survival mission are Hydroid, Ivara, and Nekros. All of these, when modded properly, have the ability to make enemies drop twice the resources they would usually drop.

The cruelest of the game modes, Interception has you capturing four different objectives and staying in control of them before any enemy can take control.

You need to use a fast moving frame like Volt or Nezha while a frame with stopping capabilities like Frost or Rhino might work too.

There are a lot of other game modes too but if you can get at least one frame from each of the above-listed game modes, you will likely be able to do the other ones pretty easily too.


Be sure to get weapons that suit your tastes. Although the MK1 weapons are not bad if modded correctly, getting different weapons for different situations are really great. If you want to go for Eidolon, get a Lanka.

Do you want to go to Survival? Get an Ignis. Defense? Get a Plasmor. Assassination can be an Assault Rifle like Baza or a Shotgun like the amazing Hek. Get a good weapon because a good weapon is everything in this game

And that is all. If you are done with the above steps, you are most likely ready for the Fortuna update. Be sure to check out our other guide on what to expect from Fortuna in our Warframe Guides. Thanks for reading and have fun, young tennos!