Hellgate London Making A Comeback 7 Years After It Went Free-To-Play

Hellgate London launched back in 2007 and died after a few years. Despite multiple attempts to revive it, things never really worked out as they should. However, the devs haven’t given up as Hellgate London is making a come back on Steam next month.

Hellgate London will be available on Steam on November 15, 2018. Seven years after HanbitSoft tried to market it as a free-to-play game but, even that didn’t work out.

The game was originally developed by Flagship Studios. However, following the game’s failure, HanbitSoft purchased it in 2010. In 2011, HanbitSoft launched it as a free-to-play title.

Then in 2014, HanbitSoft brought forth the Hellgate Global, a Steam Greenlight pitch. This also included the game Tokyo Expansion but, even that couldn’t go anywhere.

Now, the company is taking another shot at relaunching Hellgate London on Steam. Here is what the developer has to say about the revival.

With the support of many fans, developers have been able to offer the latest version of Hellgate: London game in the Steam.

Hellgate: London provides a single play environment with the latest version (Version 2.0) of the Hellgate: Tokyo service.

The game provides single play optimized scenario contents and premium support items.

Speaking of Steam, Valve holds Steam sales for all seasons and this year was no different. While Valve hasn’t announced it yet but, dates for autumn and Winter sales have leaked.

According to the leak, Autumn sale will start on November 21 and will continue till November 27.

The Winter sale will start on December 20, 2018, and will continue for two weeks till January 3, 2019. However, Halloween sale will take place before both of these. But, the leak doesn’t mention when it will start.

Furthermore, Valve has noted that Steam now has 90 million users per month which is up from 67 million users last year. Steam’s concurrent users also saw a bump as now it stands at 18.1 million concurrent users.

Hellgate London is a dark fantasy action RPG developed by T3Entertainment. The game will drop on Steam on November 15, 2018.