What Does Fallout 76 Beta Login Failed Error Mean?

Bethesda Game Studios have released the beta version of Fallout 76 for Xbox One users. But a lot of these users are facing an issue with their account logins. So, if you’re having a similar issue of a failed login for Fallout 76 beta the problem is not limited to you.

As it stands, the beta version is time limited and you might have to wait for it to start again to gain access. Still, a majority of Xbox One users are starting to think that they didn’t make the right Fallout 76 pre-order. The error shown to users with such an issue displays a notification saying:

Login failed. This account lacks the required entitlements.

By “the required entitlements” all the developers mean is that it is only a matter of time. Once the second period of Fallout 76 beta version gets announced no user will have an issue of a failed login. That is only if you manage to join within the time limit.

So, while a pre-order might be the only thing you need to do to access the Fallout 76 beta the time limit is also a must. In the same way, a failed login error also appears if one tries to load it before a given period.

Besides, who in their right minds would want to barge in a Fallout 76 server when the game isn’t even live yet. The set time for Fallout 76 beta on Xbox One is 7 P.M. till 11 P.M. ET. This timing might seem like a strange decision by Bethesda given that it is a working day.

Bethesda announced via Twitter that they would soon make the second announcement. So, you might want to hold your horses till then. Other users can also mark the dates if they wish to experience Fallout 76 gameplay firsthand.

Moreover, developers already gave a heads-up for facing issues at Fallout 76 launch. Nonetheless, Fallout 76 multiplayer is a new departure from its typical gameplay. Failed login is only a small bump on the road for Fallout 76 beta as developers expect the launch to be a wobbly one.