Everything You Need to Know About Warframe Fortuna Update

The moment all Tennos have been waiting for is almost finally here. In this Fortuna Update guide, we will cover all the things you must know before this update goes live. Be sure to read every bit of it for this is the biggest update in the history of Warframe and includes the biggest map ever, Fortuna, too. Without further ado, we welcome you to the true Venus!

Warframe Fortuna Update

The Fortuna update was first announced at TennoCon 2018, an annual event for Warframe fans like ComicCon. It received critically positive reception among its fans.

Even though many predicted that the update is unlikely to hit the same year, the god-tier developers of this game have pushed themselves to the limit to release this update sooner than you would expect.

Yep, that is right! The update is expected to go live next month in November! Heck, that is sooner than even what I expected. According to their tweet:

New Node – Orb Vallis

The biggest addition in this update you will find is the addition of the node “Orb Vallis” itself.

The Orb Vallis map is expected to be around 4-5 times bigger than the previous open-world map “Plains of Eidolon”. That is big considering the Plains of Eidolon themselves are pretty huge.

Indeed, there has been some ranting against the Plains of Eidolons being too empty and grindy but DE has announced that with Fortuna update, everything will be less grindy.

The resources from Earth will be carried over to Venus but that does not mean that Venus will not have new resources of its own.

It is expected that Venus will have its own content to exclusively farm this area for, too. The map will have at least 10 huge buildings, so there will be a lot of indoor and outdoor fighting in this area.

New Hub

A new area will be unlocked that will act like a hub between Orb Vallis and the people of Solaris United’s marketplace. It is basically a reskin of the Cetus hub but is expected to contain more content than its predecessor.

Apparently, Orb Vallis will also feature caves. Yeah, the caves were not a big hit in Plains of Eidolon with their main purposes being that they had good amount of minerals or Codex objects. To be honest, that was a waste of precious space.

The newer caves are said to have many more features including the ability to use the hoverboard to pass through them. Also, there will be lakes inside caves.

You need to have unlocked the planet Venus before you can play Orb Vallis. You can unlock Venus through the Venus Junction available on Earth.

New Bounties and Stronghold

Yes, anyone who has had over several hours in Warframe should know that the game repeats missions repeatedly with only basic things like the quantity of the objective changing. Apparently, this is going to change.

Just like how Cephalon Simaris wants you to hunt down a specific target and track it with a Synthesis Scanner, several bounties will have you killing a certain amount of enemy a specific amount of times, wherever you like.

It is a kind of mixture between Simaris Daily Tasks and normal bounties but with more content hopefully.

Additionally, bounties like “Getting X material Y times” might also be introduced. It was hinted in the latest Dev Stream 118 but we have no concrete proof of it actually being implemented.

Speaking of Bounties, you now do not have to report through the gate and reset all progress when you complete a Bounty. Rather, there will be Corpus Strongholds located all around the Orb Vallis that you can conquer.

Conquering a stronghold will spawn an NPC that will grant you with new bounties and reward you for your previous efforts.

Quality of Life Changes

Now, other than the huge Orb Vallis map update, players will also enjoy a lot of benefits from this update. Some things have been particularly reworked to make the open-world experience more bearable. These will include (but not limited to):

The concept of fishing in Plains of Eidolon was basically to throw a spear at a fish and if it did hit a fish, it would eat a certain amount of HP from that fish. Although that was fun on its own, it was very boring.

Apparently, in this Orb Vallis map, a certain fish will have an electric shield around it. You will have to use an “EMP Spear” at a certain part of the fish to disable its shield. Then hit it again to catch it. Yes, that does sound more grindy than usual.

The concept of mining will be fully changed in both Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis.

Instead of tracing a specific line around the material to drop materials, you will have to heat your Cutter until you reach the reach the optimum heat which will be denoted by a white color.

It sounds way better than having to learn how to use MS Paint just to farm minerals.

New Kind of Drone
Something similar to an Osprey is expected to be added to the game with this update that will grant the ability to its allies to open a nullifier bubble around them.

Yes, it sounds very annoying, considering Nullifiers themselves are pretty annoying but as long as it is a new type of enemy, I am more than happy to oblige. Moreover, if you are able to control this drone, all your teammates get this bubble as well.

Arbitration Mode Reworks
Apparently, some changes will be done to Arbitration Mode to make it more bearable. Currently, Arbitration Mode is unlocked once you unlock all 227/227 nodes in the game.

You get no revives and you have to play with certain conditions. The changes are currently unknown but you can hope for the game mode’s difficulty to drop by a certain bit.

Fetch – New Mod
A new mod, similar to the Vacuum mod for Companions, will be available for your pets. Your Kavats and Kubrows will be able to fetch an item from upto 11.5 meters away, including mods, to you.

This is the same amount of range as the Vacuum mod but adding this mod will make the pets more favorable to other companions.

New Cosmetics
*Major spoilers here, avert your eyes while you can*

Some new cosmetics for your Operator will now be available, matching the lifestyle of the Orb Vallis’ inhabitants. Although they look cool, we look forward to actually testing them all out.


The latest rework on Nezha made him/her a better Warframe than ever before. Previously, not many people used to play Nezha with his first ability being a toggle and all. After the rework, I see a fair amount of Nezhas in Alerts.

DE are expected to rework two other frames too and some of the expected changes are listed below:

Nyx Rework
Nyx Prime was revaluated again along with Rhino Prime several weeks ago. Although Nyx is a pretty nice Warframe, the abilities do not really work well in higher levels. And that is exactly what is being reworked.

Nyx’s Psychic Bolts ability only dealt slash and sometimes radiation damage on impact. Although this would be great at starting levels, it is not particularly useful at higher levels.

Nyx will now have the ability to debuff all affected enemies and strip them of healing, armor, and most likely damage. Additionally, all Mind Controlled enemies will deal more damage than what they used to do previously.

Nyx’s passive is also expected to be changed. Instead of enemies hit by Nyx’s abilities having a chance to get disarmed, there will be a chance for the enemies to not being able to shoot Nyx.

Titania Rework
Titania is expected to be reworked too. You can unlock Titania by doing the quest “The Silver Grove” available from the New Loka leader.

Apparently, Titania’s buff abilities will be reworked. Instead of casting the second ability buff that has a chance to be any one of the several buffs to stack them, they will work properly.

Moa Pets

Ah, a new Pet! The Moa pet is a very new type of pet to be introduced with the Fortuna update. Although the pet itself looks cute, it is super deadly. It has the ability to throw enemies in the sky! Pretty neat, right?

Moreover, just like Amps, the framework for a Moa will remain the same while you can change a specific module for a specific kind of gameplay. The moa will come in three moods and you will be able to purchase these moods for Platinum.

The pet itself will follow what you do. According to the dev stream, it would crawl when you crawled and move to the location you did. Unlike Kubrows and Kavats, Moas seem to have a lot of emotions and the abilities to express themselves.

Garuda – Goriest Warframe

The goriest Warframe, Garuda is also to be released in this update. Much has become available about this new Warframe including the abilities and synergy of this frame.

Much like some other frames, Garuda is especially useful against higher-level of enemies.

Soul Bulwark
Like Valkyr, it will have the ability to plunge towards enemies, ripping them apart. This ability will be called Soul Bulwark. If you kill an enemy with this skill, Garuda will rip their soul out and use that as a shield.

This shield works pretty similar to the Volt’s shield ability, including the fact that it will be able to block incoming attacks. You can also throw the shield towards enemies at extremely high speed, throwing them off their tracks.

Sanguine Siphon
You will be able to offer an enemy up and suck their health for your own health in a specific radius. It works pretty similar to Nezha’s fourth ability but on a single enemy.

Basically, you impale an enemy to a spear-looking thing and absorb the blood off the enemy as it drools out of their body. Sounds pretty gore-y. You will recover health while in a specific radius around this sacrifice too.

Life Sunder
By sacrificing half your health power, you will become drenched in blood and restore energy. This will also stack with Garuda’s passive ability where you will gain more damage the less the health you have.

Engulfing Blades
Much like Revenant’s Danse Macabre, you will gain kill anyone in your path. Instead of Eidolon energy beams shooting out of your frame’s body, blades will engulf your Warframe and killing anyone in his path. It is an absolute massacre!

Garuda’s passive ability allows him to deal more damage the less the health your frame has, upto a limit of 200%.

And much more. There is so much to come out on Fortuna and we are so excited for it. We will confirm and add more content to this when the update does come out.

Be sure to let us know in the comment section if you think we missed anything that might be particularly useful. Thanks and have fun!