Leon Cleans Up Well With This Noir Outfit From Resident Evil 2

Capcom is getting the Resident Evil 2 remake all stocked up for its release at the start of next year. The developers have introduced us to yet another one of Resident Evil 2 costumes. This time a gameplay footage of officer Leon Kennedy got revealed in a Noir outfit.

Before we got to see several other Resident Evil 2 characters in their costumes. Only a month ago we got to see the first look of Ada Wong in the game. Now the protagonist got featured for his share in the Resident Evil 2 costumes.

As mentioned in the video the Leon Noir costume footage features a Noir filter as well. This is the reason the footage appears in a black and white display. Capcom is issuing more and more Resident Evil 2 accessibility options. Still, developers won’t compromise the horror theme of Resident Evil 2 gameplay.

Moreover, this Leon Noir costume is going to be a part of the Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition. Owners of this edition would be able to experience various Resident Evil 2 costumes. These customers are available for both the protagonist characters in the game.

Moreover, although this is a remake it would feel like an entirely new addition to the Resident Evil series. The users would be going through the Resident Evil 2 storyline with a whole new perspective. For instance, the plot would be the same as before but with changed location.

The game is a remake of the 2002 video game but that was itself a remake of the 1996 game. Still, the Resident Evil 2 Director believes it isn’t laughable to remake a remake. The video quality of the upcoming game got upgraded to provide the ultimate experience. This remake is going to be a celebration of the Resident Evil video game series with all the modern features added to it.