Custom BIOS Install For RTX 20-Seires Founders Edition Now Possible With NVFlash Tool

PC enthusiasts love to tinker with the hardware. Now the updated NVFlash tool allows enthusiasts to BIOS flash their Nvidia RTX 2080 Founders Edition and the rest of the RTX GPUs. Not only that, users can also use this tool to install a custom BIOS.

However, NVFlash only allows BIOS Flash for RTX Founders Edition GPUs. The updates NVFlash tool now bypasses Nvidia’s restrictions and Bios Flash RTX 2080 Founders Edition and the rest of the lineup.

PC enthusiasts will be very happy as NVFlash tool now allows them to BIOS flash for Nvidia RTX 20 series Founders Edition GPUs. This will allow overclockers to push the Nvidia RTX 2080 Founders Edition to its limits.

However, it goes without saying that you need to be very careful while flashing BIOS. This is a very delicate procedure and one mistake can render your GPU useless. You can download the NVFlash tool by following this link.

Speaking of GPUs, Nvidia has introduced a new variant of its popular Nvidia GTX 1060. This new variant of GTX 1060 6 GB GPU features GDDR5X memory. However, the rest of the specs are still the same.

However, the original GTX 1060 is based on GP106 while the new version is based on the GP104. The GP104 is the cut-down version of the GP106. Maybe Nvidia has done this to keep its cost low. However, only time will tell if the new GTX 1060 is better or worse than the original one.

Also, beware of the fake GPUs as they have started to flood the market. This comes following the downfall of cryptocurrency mining. These fake GPUs are impossible to recognize until you start using them. However, GPU-Z can help you detect these fake GPUs as the developers have updated the utility.

Furthermore, there is a report making rounds suggesting that Nvidia has locked RTX 2080 Ti’s performance. If the report is true, then price to performance ratio is not up to the standards which the GPU is capable of delivering.