There Is No Metal Gear Solid In Works, Big Boss Confirms

Fans of the Metal Gear series started getting anxious about a new title lately. So, to clear the air of all the gossip that’s been going around the voice actors stepped up. The actors have confirmed that a new Metal Gear Solid game is not under development as of now.

Robin Atkin Downes and David Hayter decided to come forward and discuss the issue. Besides, it was them who initiated this buzz about a new title. The fans of the Metal Gear Solid series around the gaming community have been on the edge of their seats ever since. A string of tweet from Robin led to the fans believing that Metal Gear Solid is ready to release another title.

Both actors started an online live stream where they conversed over the past experiences. They remembered the good old time of working in the Metal Gear series. But along with that they also revealed that there actually isn’t much going on right now with the series.

Still, the hopes of a new installment aren’t completely over. The voice actors are also waiting for Metal Gear developers to make the call. David Hayter’s words show that he is dying to get back in the game:

“Do we miss working on the series? I do, Doing Snake was one of the best jobs I ever had, and I had a very good run of games. It is always an adventure to step into a new Metal Gear game, and getting to work with those amazing actors, and with our English voice director Kris Zimmerman. So yeah, I miss it quite a bit.”

Robin A. Downes carried this matter by telling how he also looks up to playing the Metal Gear character. But as unfortunate as it is to know the recent speculation was all for nothing. Robin in his own words suggested it by saying:

“Unfortunately, we wanna make it clear, there is nothing right now in the works. We just want to make that clear. But to me, it says- all of the people that have been tweeting, it’s exciting to me that people are truly interested in something else, and obviously, I’d be down for it.”

Robin also expressed his concern to work on a Metal Gear Solid title as soon as he gets the chance:
“Yeah, I would love to work on something, anything with you again, you know, you never know, down the line”

Furthermore, Hayter wanted to apologize to the fans about Robin’s misleading tweets. But he does hope that Konami lets the Metal Gear story continue. The Metal Gear Solid Snake voice actor said:

“Hopefully, there will be things to announce. I don’t know how much experience Robin has tweeting to the Metal Gear community, but I have quite a bit. And when he sent me that first message, I was like, ‘oh no. They’re gonna explode.’ So I do apologize about any misconceptions about new games and whatnot. I would love to do it. We’ll see if Konami is able to make that happen because they own the property.”

Here’s hoping Konami is listening to the Metal Gear Solid characters as well as the fans. We even got to see a fan-made cinematic remake on Unreal Engine 4 by lately so the demand is there.

They prior titles were recently given the backwards compatibility feature. Moreover, the voice actors have been busy with Death Stranding, another outstanding title.