EA Anthem Gameplay, Release Date, Story, Classes, and Everything We Know So Far

Anthem is an upcoming MMORPG title developed by Bioware. Bioware is a studio most well known for the Mass Effect trilogy which was widely received well by gamers around the world. By the looks of its development and reception so far, the highly anticipated Anthem may be set up for the same impending success. What do we know about it so far?

Anthem Release Date:

The release of the game for one is confirmed officially by EA for February 2019 to be available for purchase. There are ways, however, to play the game earlier as described on the EA website. Such as the VIP demo available on the 1st of Feb for either those who pre-ordered the game or were subscribed to EA/Origins access. Early access will also be available on 15th Feb for PC players that have Origins subscriptions to play Anthem five days before it’s official release.

Anthem Core Gameplay

The gameplay of Anthem is described to be that of a story-driven MMORPG featuring created characters dawning specialized suits of armor known as Javelins (more info on those shortly). The game’s main theme is the planetary exploration in these suits. Players being able to form fire-teams to go on quests and missions while improving their gear, strengthening their characters and sculpting their builds. Javelins have inbuilt flight capabilities to aid with traversing the massive open environment.

Anthem Combat

The combat of Anthem is, of course, a major part of the gameplay experience. In this case its a third person RPG shooter with elements reminiscent of several other games of its kind. Such as Borderlands and Destiny with the enemies having names with health bars attached. The approach to the combat is highly dependent on the play-style of the player. As well as the type of build they’ve made, and the Javelin class they use. Team-work and coordination is also a core focus of the game with combos among player abilities and firepower possible. As well as a revival system, the sleek screen of which was recently revealed on Twitter by one of the development team. The aim of combat situations is to push the players into strategic positioning, coordinated teamwork and tactical utilization of their Javelin.

Anthem Javelins

These are the classes of Javelin the players will get to choose from at the start of the game

Ranger: This Javelin class is the all rounded jack of all trades type. A suit that can adapt and apply to almost every combat situation with an effectiveness that’s up to the player’s skill level and tactical abilities

Colossus: This class serves as the game’s tank type suit. Being an imposing, hulking figure reminiscent of a walking tank. Attached with mounted artillery and durable armor, this class is for players that like to rip and tear into their enemies as straightforward as possible

Storm: The mage class of Anthem, the Storm Javelin allows it’s pilots to unleash the kinesis powers onto their enemies with unleashed feats of pure, raw energy. Most effective when hovering above the fight and casting fire support to their squad down below

Interceptor: The rogue/assassin class of the game. The Interceptor Javelin is a swift and nimble suit of armor, designed to get in and out of situations but not without delivering impactful blows to their enemies. Reminiscent of Genji from Overwatch when you think about it

Anthem Story

EA has marketed Anthem’s story with a motto: Our world, My story. Which aims to combine the multiplayer experience of a shared world with the story each player can experience with their own characters. Bioware did confirm build-able relationships with NPC characters in the story. They have confirmed the lack of romance options however which is a deviation from their previous titles. The open world of Anthem is also consisting of a dynamic climate and weather system to better emphasize the shared world aspect of the game.

Something EA described on their website as “being able to see exactly what your friend on the other hemisphere of the world sees”. The player’s actions are reflected by how characters in the story will react to them, as well as how each player’s own world will also be shaped by themselves. And that they will have their own choices to make.


Everyone’s well fastened in their hype train hopefully. Seeing as how the creators of Mass Effect are now bringing a rich, multiplayer experience that will no doubt absorb long weekends of game nights with your best friends as you squad up to explore the world of Anthem together. Now all we can do is wait for February
Source: EA.com