Bioware Plans To Livestream Anthem Gameplay Next Month

The fans of Anthem game have been on hold for a while now and the terrific news is finally here. They didn’t get much to see of the Anthem gameplay except for the E3 reveal. But the lead producer of the game wants to show us more now as the Anthem release date is still a long way to go.

Michael Gamble and Ben Irving are ready to showcase the Anthem gameplay as soon as next week. At first, they wanted to do it as a Halloween giveaway but now the date is set for 1st November. Gamble made the announcement through a set of tweets for the Anthem live stream.

We know that Anthem game beta is not yet ready as the developers only recently confirmed the alpha build. So, the live stream is going to show us kind of an unpolished gameplay. Still, we’re sure the experience will be as hell-raising as Gamble promises.

Moreover, this Anthem live stream isn’t going to be like the E3 demo one. It is going to be an unscripted display of the Anthem game. We would only see the producers playing the game as it is.

Besides since it is an alpha build so issues will be there. But as told before, the full game will come as a complete package. This decision for an Anthem live stream at this early stage is only a giveaway from the producer to the fans.

To be honest, this came out pretty much unanticipated. The reason behind it is that with the Anthem release date being so far right now the fans didn’t expect much. But, to everyone’s surprise, we get to see the Anthem gameplay as it is.

Furthermore, the gameplay is also assured to be invigorating apart from the plot as well. The developers also intend to adopt a proactive approach towards tackling toxicity.

Bioware wishes to be more open to their fans with this effort. Not a while back they also ensured the matchmaking feature is a must for raids.