Spiderman PS4 New Game Plus Mode Memes Are Hilarious

Insomniac Games recently introduced the Spiderman PS4 users with the Game Plus mode. This mode intends to take players through an even tougher campaign once again. But users have still managed to make Spiderman PS4 New Game Plus mode hilarious.

The developers introduced a difficulty that would make it much harder for players. This difficulty makes the Spiderman PS4 gameplay much more intense than the first attempt. Still, players didn’t hold back to get into action as soon as they could.

As players started to get familiar with Spiderman PS4 New Game Plus things got a little sly. As the basic function of a game plus mode is to have access to all the items you’ve gathered users made the most out of it. Out of all the Spiderman PS4 skills and gadgets they chose the naughtiest spider suit.

If you’ve gone through the entire Spiderman PS4 gameplay you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t know it is a suit which features Peter Parker in his mask and tight boxers only. Now, the special thing of the game plus mode is the ability to revisit the whole playthrough.

Although at first you might not think of it still it can put you in lots of awkward situations. Users have recorded some of these moments and shared them online. The Spiderman PS4 New Game Plus mode even let’s you play the cutscenes in the same half-naked suit. So, that pretty much a bonus.

Now, let’s have a look at the Spiderman PS4 memes that are getting trendy around the gaming community.

Moreover, the water puddles are finally here for good in a Spiderman PS4 update. Recently, we also got a look into the Spider-verse costumes for the Spiderman PS4 suits collection.