Soul Calibur 6 Ivy Strategy Guide – How to Play, Matchups, Counters

The iconic Ivy has made a return in Soul Calibur 6 and her Snake Sword is still as legendary as it was in the earlier iterations of the game. Our Soul Calibur 6 Ivy Strategy Guide will ensure that you can use this character to its maximum effect and are aware of all of the strengths as well as the limitations that embody it currently.

Soul Calibur 6 Ivy Strategy

Ivy has her weapon known as the Ivy Blade that is a Snake Sword. She is very versatile and has had a few changes as a part of the new game.

The main things that have stayed the same are the fact that many of the moves that were used abundantly in the previous iterations of the game are still the same for the most part.

Not only that, Ivy is still a character whose primary strength lies in the fact that she can deal damage from afar.

The mid and the long-range facility that Ivy has allows her to counter hyper-aggressive characters as she can disengage and then use her weapon to deal them damage while they have to figure out a way to get close to you.


The main thing that you can take advantage when you are playing as Ivy is the fact that she has a massive range.

There are certain characters that do counter Ivy and she cannot be used effectively against them, but her primary purpose in this game is to zone the enemy and then eventually poke them down until they die.

Her block protection is fairly decent and can be used to stall the enemy while you think about your next move.

Apart from this, you generally are very adept at defense and should not run into many problems in that department. However, that is where the balancing comes in and makes an attack difficult for you.

You can check out the entire Ivy Moves List by heading over to the link and experiment with different commands to see what works best for you.


The main thing that happens when your character is a zoner is the fact that you are often unable to deal damage. That is a problem that Ivy suffers with as well and you need to be very careful when you are using her in the game.

Make sure to avoid diving head-on into enemies even when you have an advantage as it can easily backfire.

When it comes to dealing damage, it is all about the combos. It is very difficult to deal damage without being very vigilant and having all of the right timings as well as a little bit of luck on your side.