Target’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Sales Won’t Be Affected by Shipment Delays

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally on the verge of its release with less than a week left now till the massive game will be ready for shipment. Now we all wait with baited breaths on the Pandora’s box of epic-ness to open and unleash a memorable experience on us all. However, it won’t open for all of us on time due to shipment issues caused by overwhelming demand.

But Target will be able to deliver the game on time.

Target has managed to retail both the standard and deluxe editions of the game at their stores across America and they will be available on Thursday at 9 pm local time. A PS4 Pro bundle with the standard edition of the game is also up for grabs at the price of $399.99, an optimum deal for gamers wanting RDR2 to go with their PS4 Pros.

If purchasing digitally, however, the game is a whopping 99GB for PS4 and 107GB for Xbox One. A good gray area, therefore, to compromise on purchasing the hard copies from Target this Thursday and riding out into the West this weekend. However, the physical version comes with two discs so if you lose one, you’ll have to buy another copy of the game.

In conclusion, we have massive demand, worldwide preordering, a promising multiplayer experience and a guaranteed memorable single player masterpiece. The success of this game is almost obvious at this point, if I were you, I’d put my money on their being both a later PC port as well as future installments in the RDR franchise.

Speaking of future installments, Rockstar themselves, specifically their vice leader Dan Houser, stated that a new Red Dead Redemption may very well be developed as long as this one does well. This was said despite the abundant success of the previous title, as well as the success of it’s albeit lesser-known predecessor, Red Dead Revolver.

This is Rockstar being humble despite the absolute lack of doubt in the minds of players and critics worldwide that the game will be a huge success. Hopefully, the mass sales in the game’s preorders have given the company a clue at the imminent jackpot they’re about to hit.

As if proof of the game’s success wasn’t evident enough, RDR2 has a slight lack of supply due to its massive demand worldwide, hence why most small time stores may not actually be retailing copies of the game until at least November 2nd, hence, why digital purchase may be the quickest way to attain the game.