Relatively Unknown PSVR Game May Have Leaked PS5 Controller Design

Sony has not been quite forthcoming in discussing anything about the PlayStation 5. No PS5 announcement has surfaced that suggests the details of their next-gen console. But one recent leak might have given us a look into the PS5 controller design.

Any update on the PS5 design and features until now has been nothing official. Still, this PS5 controller design leak could be out because Sony let it slip without knowing. The hint came to knowledge of the fans from a PSVR game. This game known as Astro Bot Rescue Mission changes the controller option at one point in the game.

The PlayStation VR headset exclusive game features a transformed DualShock 4 controller. While the virtual appearance of the controller might not be noteworthy, the design is. The design indicates the what options or possibilities DualShock 5 might have.

Sony has shown concern of growing the PSVR experience with deeper gaming before. So this could suggest that the PS5 features could well be in a testing phase of PlayStation VR. These features include the controller design for PlayStation 5.

Earlier reports also suggest that the next-gen console of Sony goes hand in hand with PSVR. So, it does not take a genius to find the connection here. Moreover, the fans have also had lots to suggest the PS5 design for DualShock 5.

One intriguing idea suggests that the PS5 controller design could have built-in cooling. But the most interesting of all is about the L1 and R1 buttons. It says that the controller could shift both keys at the position where middle fingers rest. This would allow the players to press the L1 and L2 or R1 and R2 keys at the same time.

Of course, Sony has not confirmed the hint found in the PSVR game but as mentioned above many things point to it. Additionally, Sony revealed that the quantity of PSVR games is going to increase in 2018. This could imply toward running a test phase to prepare for the PS5 release date.

Furthermore, the PS5 release is also suggested to have moved a bit earlier as rumors suspected. The PS5 backwards compatibility is also expected to be one of its key features.