Intel 10nm Process Shot Behind The Barn, According To Latest Reports

The Intel 10nm process has been taken behind the barn and shot according to the latest reports. This was bound to happen keeping in mind how long this has been a thorn in Intel’s backside. To recap, it was supposed to release back in 2015 and now it has been delayed time and time again. It seems that finally Intel has given up and pulled the plug on the Intel 10nm process.

SemiAccurate reported this is a recent post and you do need a subscription to check out the whole article but the author gave us a teaser by stating the following:

The knifing of 10nm shows that Intel is finally willing to do the right things for the right reasons even if it costs them some short-term pain, it is the first adult decision we have seen from the company in several years. Let us walk through the reasons why it is a good thing, from cost to timetables to competitiveness to management changes to potential product roadmaps. It is not a clean, easy or pithy story to pull a sound bite from but it is interesting.

This seems to be the right move for Intel. Intel 10nm process was not working out for the company and in its place, we got the 14nm, 14nm+ and 14nm++ process. This means that Intel is now working on something else and is willing to take a short-term hit in order to meet long-term goals.

We have already seen AMD chips based on the 12nm process and AMD has claimed that 7nm chips are being worked on right now and will be sampled before the end of the year. According to the reports before this, Intel was going to release the 10nm CPUs in late 2019 but now it has pulled the plug on it entirely.

I am not sure what Intel has planned but before the end of 2019, AMD will have released the 7nm chips and Intel might find it hard to catch up.

Let us know what you think about the Intel 10nm process being killed off and whether or not you think this was the right move to make for Intel.