Ridiculous EVGA Graphics Card Warranty Policy Targets Second Hand GPU Market

EVGA graphics cards have had their issues in the past but they are one of the best cards on the market that you can buy. When you buy a graphics card second hand and it is still under warranty then you expect it to be valid for you but too that does not seem to be the case according to the EVGA graphics card warranty policy.

While I am sure that EVGA  tries its best to keep customers satisfied, it is safe to say that EVGA customer service is not the best in the world and that the company could do better. A Reddit user that bought a second-hand EVGA graphics card that was under warranty requested an RMA and he got an email that mentioned that such claims only apply if the EVGA graphics card is bought directly from EVGA or from a retailer.

This means that if you buy an EVGA graphics card from anyone else, even if it is new, then the warranty will not be valid. If something goes wrong then you are pretty much stuck and the money you spent goes down the drain. The comments on the post revealed that other people have had the same issue and that people are not pleased with EVGA’s customer service. You can check out the email reply regarding the EVGA graphics card warranty policy below:

EVGA graphics card warranty policy
EVGA RMA Response Email

According to the official website, a limited warranty can be claimed if the buyer has proof of the purchase but that does not seem to be the case here. An official representative of EVGA also commented in the thread and he claimed that this could be an automated response dating back to 2011 when there was no EVGA graphics card warranty policy for used cards. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

I’ll look into this when I get in the office tomorrow. Generally, although many of these types of emails are automated, they usually give you at least some indication why your RMA was declined. Or, I should say, with a better degree of accuracy. My suspicion is that an old automated email is attached to that action, possibly dating back to 2011 (before we had a secondhand warranty policy) or maybe -RX RMA requests from secondhand owners. Either way, I’ll look into this so it doesn’t happen again.

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Let us know what you think about the EVGA graphics card warranty policy and whether or not you think graphics cards buyers should have the option to claim warranty if they buy cards used.