Black Ops 4 Blackout Zombies and Mystery Boxes Locations Guide

Hearing the term “Mystery Box”, what first comes to your mind? Zombie Mode? Yeah, right but this time it is not only restricted to the fight against the undead. Black Ops 4 introduces a few locations for these Mystery Boxes in the Blackout Mode but there is a catch: Zombies always surround the area. In our Black Ops 4 Blackout Zombies and Mystery Boxes Locations Guide, we will highlight all the locations of the Mystery Boxes and how to loot the goodies inside.

Black Ops 4 Blackout Zombies and Mystery Boxes Locations

In the Blackout Mode, there are certain specific locations on the map where Zombies and Mystery Boxes will spawn together.

Although most of the time, you’ll have to obtain items by looting the Mystery Boxes for rare and valuable items such as level three armor and exclusive items like Ray Gun, a Cymbal Monkey, and Zweihänder.

Other times, some special weapons and armor pieces can be gathered by looting the corpses of the zombies you have eliminated.

Only when you have eliminated the zombies guarding the Mystery Box (do not worry, you can take em out with punches), you will gain access to the box itself which will be indicated by a sound cue.

As for a visual indication, look for a bright blue shine of light beaming all the way to the sky. Be wary though, these spots are prime-interest locations for other players.

At any given time on the five fixed locations, you can have access to two Mystery Boxes. When one Mystery Box is opened, another is opened in one of the five locations and is indicated by a loud thunderous sound.

  • Asylum: In the mansion on the second floor.
  • Graveyard: In the center of cemetery, southeast of Asylum.
  • The Anvil: In the boxing Ring, just west across the river from Turbine.
  • Diner: West of Array, with the Mystery Box location on the rooftop on one of the buildings.
  • Lighthouse: In the south-west corner of the map, right up the stairs to the top of the lighthouse.

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