Anthem Melee Builds Are an Extension of the Interceptor

We’re no stranger to Bioware after the Mass Effect trilogy, which had a “Mass Effect” on gamers worldwide. But what do we know about this upcoming title, Anthem, besides it being an MMORPG?

Anthem is an open world game focusing on planetary exploration in specialized suits known as Javelins. The Javelins are customizable and divided into classes for the player to choose from. The Ranger Javelin, which is a jack of all trades type suit that applies and adapts to multiple combat situations (kinda like Soldier76 from Overwatch). The Storm Javelin is there since every RPG needs to have a mage option am I right? The Colossus is everyone’s favorite tank build with its high durability and heavy artillery. And lastly, the Interceptor, the rogue build that can dash in and out of situations (Genji, anyone?)

But exactly how diverse are these builds and classes you may ask? The developers have stated in a recent tweet that not only will they be including a melee build for those fisticuffs lovin’ people. But that it might be plural, meaning even more diversity to an already branching out skill tree.

Specifically, the melee build will be incorporated into the interceptor Assassin class. Meaning we could potentially see some cool sword-play. Here’s to hoping though that the melee can maybe be applied to the Colossus as well? A giant tank running its way to you with a huge, high tech sledgehammer, sounds great doesn it?

Since Anthem is a multiplayer game fireteams with your friends can be formed, which of course, means that teamwork is an important aspect of this game. This was another tweet revealing the high tech, sleek looking revival screen for a downed Javelin in the field, neat right?

After the success in the Mass Effect trilogy, its hard to not have high hopes for this upcoming multiplayer title that’s sure to consume gaming hours over nice, fun weekends with your best mates and a planet to explore in your cool suits. Dibs on the Interceptor Jav!