Destiny 2 Forsaken Blood Cleaver Powerful Bounty Guide

Want the Powerful Gear in Destiny 2 Forsaken? Want it conveniently? Well, there’s just one complication: a tough foe, the Blood Clever stands in your way. Let our Destiny 2 Forsaken Blood Cleaver Guide usher you to the required destination and highlight some tips that will make the whole fight a lot easier.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Blood Cleaver

For acquiring the bounty itself, head to The Tangled Shores and speak with Spider. Make sure, you’re carrying at least five Ghost Fragments at that time since that’s the monetary requirement for obtaining the quest.

The NPC will then direct you to explore and reach the Blood Cleaver on your own with only the map of IO for your reference.

The boss itself is located can be found in Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector which you can head to by first making your way to The Rupture in Echo Mesa landing zone.

Your first encounter some easy enemies but soon after you’re required to face a mini-boss, Pandrok aka the Pillar of Nothing.

Make use of the cover around you and remain patient throughout the fight to whittle down his health little by little until you’re done with him.

Continue forward past the snoozing War Beasts and through the opening in the cliffs to reach the boss in the last room of this sector.

Boss Fight

First things first, you’ll need to get rid of the defenses of Blood Cleaver if you stand any chance to deal damage to him.

The shield doesn’t just make the boss invulnerable to damage, all your firearms will be deactivated after a second or so, once you enter the vicinity of the shield.

To lower his shield temporarily, destroy the generator. Then deal with Scorpion turrets and collect the orbs to replace the spot of the generator in order to lower the shield for a long time now.

This will give you a good deal of time to do some decent damage to the Blood Cleaver.

Pack lots of grenades before the fight and keep tossing them towards the Blood Cleaver.

Eventually, a War Hound will get summoned and though it can deal an incredible amount of damage, you can evade its attacks by climbing onto a ledge and take the fight from this height. Use bows here for most optimum results.

More War Hounds will get summoned throughout your fight with the Blood Cleaver.

Repeating the process of taking down the shield and moving on for damage via firearms or grenades will eventually eliminate the boss and let you collect the powerful gear from Spider.

Soloing Tips

For all you loners out there, this fight can be particularly tougher but fear not. Bows and grenades will be your friend here. When you first enter the force-field, you will have enough time to take a nice little aim at the head of the Blood Cleaver.

Therefore, charge up your shot for some good damage, then immediately come back out so he won’t hurt you. You can add thrusts for a boost to your jumps in order to completely avoid the Cleaver’s attacks.

Repeat this strategy until you contract the War Hounds and so you’ll need to climb onto one of the ledges. Now you’ll aim from up here, get rid of the beasts and then the turrets as well. Drop down again and repeat the cycle to succeed at this bounty.

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