More Obsidian Fallout Games Unlikely Says Official Twitter Post, But Why?

Many Fallout fans might think of Fallout: New Vegas as one of the best modern Fallout games. With its intriguing setting, great dialogue, and morally grey options, you’d think that more gamers would be clamoring for another game, but unfortunately it seems more Obsidian Fallout games aren’t in the cards.

Back in 2016, when asked if the studio wanted to make another Fallout game sometime in the future, Obsidian designer Eric Fenstermaker and CEO Feargus Urquhart have said that there are a lot of employees at Obsidian that would love to do it again. However, since that time, Obsidian’s fortunes have changed.

The studio, after a string of well-reviewed but extremely buggy games, nearly went under in bankruptcy until it released a number of different RPG games like the Pillars of Eternity games and Tyranny. Then, Obsidian got bought by Microsoft, and who knows there that’s going to go. Plus, Bethesda releasing Fallout 4 and then Fallout 76 might make them unlikely to give Obsidian the go-ahead to make more Obsidian Fallout games.

This is especially true since E3 2018, when Todd Howard said that Bethesda had grown enough that they can now keep all development in-house, meaning they won’t have to contract Obsidian or any other studio again, despite wishes from Obsidian that they’d like to develop a new game. While Howard did say that Obsidian did a fabulous job with New Vegas, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Bethesda would give up a big cash cow even with how divisive some parts of Fallout 4 were.

So, while we may not be getting more Obsidian Fallout games at any time in the near future, it’s possible that Bethesda may prove us wrong. In the meantime, you can still play Fallout New Vegas on Steam and on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service if you want to re-experience what’s thought of as one of the best Fallout games.

Hopefully though, in the future Obsidian can continue to create great games like Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity, alongside other original games.