Just Cause 4 Gameplay to Feature Multiple Vehicle Cams, Director Confirms

After some incredible footage of Just Cause 4 gameplay, Director of the game has confirmed that it’s going to feature multiple vehicle cams. Many fans had questions about the camera angle of the aircraft which seemed to be restricted to only one position.

Francesco Antolini gave a very detailed response to a worried fan on Twitter. Francesco Antolini confirmed that the game will allow you to choose from different angles as you like. Just Cause 4 gameplay will feature multiple vehicle cams. For aircraft, you will have two options to choose from. One as you spotted in the previous gameplay and a pulled back one as shown below.

Just Cause 4 vehicle camera angles

Everyone is hoping that this applies to all of the vehicles in the game.

Also, make sure to check out the new beautiful trailer of the game which also gives us first look at the new Just Cause 4 antagonist. The new trailer introduces us to Gabriela Morales who is the latest antagonist in the game. By the looks of it, she’s the toughest rival from the infamous Black Hand that Rico is going to face.

Just Cause 4 consists of a massive in-game world and there are different weather conditions in the game to accompany you through the entire journey. The game looks so much beautiful. Thanks to the brand new and unique engine called the Apex Engine.

JC4 is more fun than ever but this time it’s going to include a very detailed storyline. Developers know that their previous games including Just Cause 3 were not liked by many due to the lack of narrative but it’s now going to change based on player feedback.

That was one of the things that when we saw that feedback, [we said] ‘we were off the mark, we need to take that next step forward.

This change is being done for the fans who wanted to enjoy more. So be ready this time as you are going to take it a lot seriously instead of experimenting with game mechanics like in the previous games.

In other news, ESRB has listed JC4’s other game section as “in-game purchases” which has worried a lot of fans. Everyone is hoping this to be some kind of DLC instead of microtransactions.

Just Cause 4 will release on December 4, 2018, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.